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Laura Shipler Chico

Assistant Facilitator

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Laura Shipler Chico has worked in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) since 1994 in Africa, Asia, North America and Europe.  An experienced manager, facilitator, trainer, writer, and conflict resolution practitioner, Laura works in the non-profit, faith-based, and corporate sectors.  She specializes in cross-cultural communication, contextualizing global DEI strategies in local settings, and cultural considerations in peacebuilding, anti-trafficking, and development.


She has managed programs in a variety of complex and challenging contexts – including conflict zones – spanning continents, cultures, languages, and time zones. She is skilled in communication and in securing buy-in from multiple stakeholders. Her recent freelance work has included managing a multi-year Early Warning and Early Response peacebuilding project in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a youth peacebuilding project Pakistan, Mali, and the Central African Republic for Peace Direct. For the O.L. Pathy Family Foundation, she developed an online educational resource on “Cultural Considerations when Assisting Survivors of Human Trafficking,” building on her past work in that arena. She has worked within the women’s movement of the Myanmar democracy movement, and is the author of This Light that Pushes Me: Stories of African Peacebuilders. Most recently she assisted Conciliation Resources to develop a concept note on providing culturally relevant and gender transformative mental health services in the Central African Republic.


As a Diversity and Inclusion consultant, Laura researched the quality of life for Sodexo’s employees living with disabilities; developed resource and training materials to help front line managers encourage healthy discussions on race in the workplace; and conducted a global survey analysis of Sodexo best practices when working with Ethnic Minorities, First Nations, Refugees and Migrants, and Faith communities. Laura collaborates closely with Dr. Rohini Anand as a speechwriter and researcher, helping her to write articles on current DEI trends and dilemmas.  She assisted Dr. Anand in the writing of her book, Leading Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, with a specialty on localizing global change efforts, and addressing race and racism in varying cultural contexts.  


Laura is a dual citizen of the UK and US and has lived for extended periods in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. She speaks both English and French.

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