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Launch Party!

Writing with Pen
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What an amazing virtual party to celebrate the launch of my new book, Leading Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion! With people joining from all over the world, it was a truly global celebration. If you were able to join me, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
I was particularly honored to be introduced by the Honorable Cari M Dominguez who set the context for an engaging discussion with Dr. Stephanie Creary. Dr Creary was masterful in drawing out the key points in the book.
It was also fantastic to hear from Alain Morize, Batoul Hassoun, Kristen Anderson and Rishi Gour who shared their stories that are included in the book.
An absolute highlight of the party was the performance by Sandy Harris as she sang two of my favorite songs – Imagine by John Lennon and Black Butterfly by Sounds of Blackness.

I was overwhelmed with the support from the 200 attendees. From taking time out of their day to celebrate with me, to engaging in the open floor sessions, to the kind messages that were posted in the Zoom chat. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the messages and I am extremely grateful. Here are just a few that I would like to share:

Rohini your book is amazing. I love the idea that leaders from around the world shared best practices with us! It is so useful to understand concrete actions and so great to have your vision: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is good for our people, it’s good for our business, it’s good for the society at large. Together we are stronger!

Bernadette Giard

Rohini - You set a VERY HIGH BAR. It was amazing to experience first hand the SDX journey. When I am asked what does it take to make DEI impactful, I share how you orchestrated, rolled up your sleeves, and was relentless in incremental transformation with a holistic strategic blueprint.

Betsy Silva

Congratulations again Rohini!! Thank you for continuing to be a trailblazer and giving back to all of us in this space!!

Djuana Beamon

YOU continue to teach through this excellent guide book (yes I already read it). Thank you for your continued leadership. Congratulations!

Gloria Puentes

Congratulations Rohini, what a wonderful day!  I am so proud to have worked with you over 16 years at Sodexo as a DEI consultant.  You are truly a visionary and this book is going to be exactly what everyone has been waiting for.

Cecilia Chavez

Congratulations to you, Rohini! So pleased for your success and wishing you all the very best. This community here is a reflection of your leadership in this area over so many years. So proud of you!

Vandana Juneja

Congratulations Rohini on your visionary leadership and many contributions to the evolution of DEI management in corporate America!  Can't wait to read your book.  Wishing you much continued success.

Jon Munoz

So proud of Rohini and the book and the learnings and the amazing story and what you have done thru your journey to being from immigrant to diversity leader and we all learn to take diversity local and ensure metrics and results.

Edie Fraser

Watch the Launch Party recording:

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