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Geeta Rao Gupta, PhD

Senior Fellow, United Nations Foundation

WomenLift Health is extremely fortunate to have Rohini Anand on our Global Advisory Board. Drawing on her experience both as an executive leader and an expert in DEI, she plays a critical role in guiding WomenLift Health’s rapid growth and providing insights on how we meaningfully contribute to gender equality in health institutions. 

Gideon Maltz

Executive Director, Tent Partnership for Refugees

Rohini Anand has been a highly effective champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout her career. As a member of our Advisory Council at the Tent Partnership for Refugees, Rohini has provided us with great insights and wisdom on how to persuade companies to hire and integrate refugees into their workforce – and how to position refugees within a broader diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. Her profound commitment to the principle of including marginalized groups is matched by her deep understanding of the tactics and levers best used to advance this work in corporate settings.

Raj Verma

Chair, DEI Board and Chief Diversity, Culture & Ex Officer, SANOFI

As a DEI board in its infancy, Rohini has brought a global pragmatism to our strategic vision, an outside-in world connection and a real team collaboration and coaching that is continuing to help beyond just the thinking. She just gets it.

Mia Mends

Chief Administrative Officer, Sodexo North America, Executive Vice President, SodexoMAGIC

Dr. Rohini Anand is an admired Diversity and Inclusion leader.  She exemplifies strength, vision and determination. Through her actions she has elevated the culture of Sodexo and amplified the value Sodexo creates for our clients. Her thought leadership, her industry relationships and her ability to influence leaders made her the driving force behind new business opportunities and also critical client retention.  It is no coincidence that under Rohini’s leadership, among many accolades, Sodexo was awarded the honor of being one of the first DiversityInc Hall of Fame inductees.  She has intelligently enhanced Sodexo’s employee experience and has also accompanied our clients and partners on their own Diversity and Inclusion journeys.  Personally, Rohini has been a mentor and most graciously my friend.  She is the type of leader who inspires others to do more and give more.  She has taught us to drive impact with business savvy and intentionality.  Rohini has a saying that we ‘raise the bar, to raise the bar,’ -which she did countless times in her tenure at Sodexo.  A leader with a lasting legacy, undoubtedly she will continue to raise the bar in pursuit of excellence improving the quality of life of all she serves beyond Sodexo.

Donald Fan

Senior Director, Global Office of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Walmart, Inc

As Sodexo’s Global Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Rohini Anand is a well-respected trailblazer and thought leader in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Her influence, dedication and contributions in advancing DEI extend way beyond Sodexo.  The ground-breaking Global Gender Balance Study she led has had a profound impact across industries and is cited globally.  She is always the first one I reach out for counsel, advice, or to benchmark and consult.  Her reputation, excellent judgement, global experience and ability to connect across audiences from front line managers to the C suite makes her a trusted advisor as organizations launch or advance their DEI strategies.

Nancy diDia

Exec. Dir, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Americas
Boeringer Ingelheim

Dr. Anand is a legendary leader in the field of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and culture.  Her leadership has illuminated the path for so many of us to follow in her stead. She has been the benchmark for holding  leaders accountable, for culture change and for sophisticated metrics. Rohini has been a go-to resource and a challenge partner on current processes and helped redefine ways forward.  I continue to look to Rohini for guidance, insights and social science perspectives on workplace cultures.  She is a trailblazer and unstoppable when it comes to fairness, equity and inclusion.  Rohini is a trusted asset to any organization serious about their DEI efforts.

Shuchi Sharma

Global Diversity and Inclusion Office
Global Head of Gender Intelligence, SAP

Rohini is a leader for whom  the saying, "actions speak louder than words" rings true.  Rohini's long career in Diversity and Inclusion began just as the field was developing and as a result, she has done some of the most foundational work in this space on demonstrating the business case for diversity and inclusion, linking to its amplification potential through corporate social responsibility endeavors, and using that to create impact for employees, communities, and society at large. Rohini is a committed mentor, sponsor and advocate for others working in this field and has generously shared her knowledge, experience, and guidance. I am grateful to know Rohini not only because of her professional wisdom, but because she is truly inclusive. She balances humility with strength and shares her knowledge generously. Rohini has been impactfull in my own growth as a fellow DEI practitioner, by providing consultative advice and guidance that comes from her deep experience leading large scale culture change in a global organization. She is able to leverage the experience to meet organizations where they are in their DEI journey and guide them accordingly.

Kim Weaver

Diversity and Inclusion Business Partner, Global Community Operations, Uber

Simply stated, Rohini Anand is a pioneer and a living legend in the field of Global Diversity & Inclusion. We are thrilled to leverage her vast experience, knowledge, and expertise in providing benchmarking, and strategic consulting for our Global Diversity and Inclusion team at Uber.  Rohini has been adept at determining where we are as a company in our diversity and inclusion journey, and devising a customized plan to help us chart the path forward to obtain tangible, measurable results.

Rolddy Leyva

VP & Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Capital One

Rohini is a forward-leaning, innovative leader in diversity & inclusion whose deep subject matter expertise, keen instincts, terrific judgment, and ability to lead sustainable culture change at scale, particularly within a highly matrixed and decentralized global organization like Sodexo, are among the qualities that cement her status as one of the most respected, influential and admired thought leaders in the D&I field.  She is a bold visionary who led Sodexo to best-in-class status in D&I through market-leading innovations underpinned by a highly effective and comprehensive D&I strategy, globally adapted governance and accountability models, and a robust D&I analytic agenda that transformed the organization and those of us who were beneficiaries of her work.  To that end, the decade I spent working with Rohini at Sodexo are among the most meaningful years of my professional career and development. I am fortunate to consider her a friend, mentor, coach and thought partner whose expert insights, counsel and consultation continue to push my thinking, growth and development in the D&I space.

Michael Norris

Former CEO Healthcare, Sodexo North America; COO, Sodexo North America;

Market President, Business & Industry and Sports & Leisure, Sodexo

There are times in life you have the great privilege to work with a person of the highest integrity, a person who has the drive, wisdom and experience to lead and accomplish great things. Rohini was that kind of leader. She contributed to the success of Sodexo and at the same time was the heart and soul of many of the company’s best accomplishments. I believe she was the (Brand) that best represented Sodexo. Sodexo and countless individuals have benefited from her leadership.

Toni Riccardi

Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer,

The Conference Board

You are a remarkable person who has had a very impactful career. I learned a lot from you and always appreciated your generous sharing and coaching.

Susan Johnson

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer,

The Hartford

Corporate America (not just Sodexo!) is so fortunate to have learned and gained from your counsel, input, judgement and passion. Your impact and voice are felt everywhere, and have literally changed the culture of workplaces globally.

Shane Nelson

MBA Principal,


Over the years, I've learned a lot from you and the Sodexo team members that have been taught by you. Thank you for your guidance, transparency, support, deep understanding of D&I and business alignment, compassion and giving back. You're amazing!

Ernest Adams

VP, Chief Diversity + Inclusion Officer

Danaher Corporation

Thank you for being a pacesetter and trailblazer in the Corporate world! You are truly a TITAN of the industry!!!

R. Fenimore Fisher

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, DLA Piper

You have been an amazing model for all of us and will continue to be an exemplar of excellence and innovation. You inspired me to be a CDIO and I will always value the contributions you made to this life mission based, mission based work.

Cathrin Stickney

Founder & CEO,

Your work to bring diversity and inclusion to the workplace is unparalleled. I frequently use Sodexo as a prime example of 'how it’s done,' thanks to you.

Herschel Herndon

Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, Thrivent

You’ve led courageously with passion and innovative approaches that will have a lasting impact for years. You’ve taught me so much, and countless others, along this ever changing D&I Journey. It has been an honor to know you and work with you.

Adis Vila

Independent Director, MessageComm; Keynote Speaker; Assistant Secretary, USDA (ret);

Chief Diversity Officer USAFA (ret)

I am grateful for your support of my work at the US Air Force Academy and especially the Ambassadors of Inclusion program I designed. Two USAFA cadets, one at Sodexo HQ in Paris and another in the field in Guam, had the opportunity to experience D&I at Sodexo and a very different organizational culture than what they had experienced at the Academy. THANK YOU.

Lora Fong

Assistant Attorney General and Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Attorney General of the State of New Jersey

Your leadership in D&I has made a lasting difference not only on this important area of practice, but also on the work lives of countless individuals. You have been an inspiration to so many of us working in this space and have been extraordinarily generous in sharing your expertise and experiences.

Djuana Beamon

CCDP AP (She, Her, Hers) Executive Director, Strategic Diversity Management 

Aetna, a CVS Health Company

You have always been an inspiration to all of us in the D&I space and a personal inspiration to me.

Marilyn Nagel

Chief Learning Officer, SAMI Game

What an amazing career you have had. You certainly leave a legacy of making a difference not only at Sodexo but in the entire I&D community.

Marcela Esquivel

Vice President Human Resources, Coca-Cola ASEAN & South Pacific

Thank you one more time for the fantastic session this morning. People are still talking about it.

We received excellent feedback from leaders and employees. Everyone was pretty impressed with your global experience and the practical, concrete, and meaningful advice and recommendations you provided during the session.

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