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If thought leadership is about advancing a body of work. Dr. Anand’s new book is the quintessential leadership primer for global DEI. Well written and filled with illuminating storytelling, this is an engaging read that presents a compelling case to push for the kind of change that addresses inequities globally while grounding it within a local context.

Indra Nooyi
Former Chairman and CEO

As corporate leaders rise to the challenge of building a more civil and just society, they must understand the ways in which effective approaches to DEI in their organizations can be a catalyst for good.  Dr. Anand offers us a blueprint for authentic leaders who are called to lead people through lasting, powerful change.

Steve Odland
President and CEO
The Conference Board, Inc.

Dr Anand makes a compelling case for global organizations to adopt a localised framework and a data-driven approach for integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into their business model. Leaders at every level of the organization will benefit from this read. 

Leena Nair
Chief Human Resources Officer

Dr. Anand’s pathbreaking book lays out a practical and powerful approach for global organizations to drive DEI transformation. Having had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Anand over many years and applying the principles laid out in her book to drive change within my organization, I will highly recommend this book to leaders who want to translate good intent into exceptional DEI outcomes.

Rishi Gour

A must-read, must-discuss and must take action book on Global DE&I. This book is truly the essential guide to build systemic change.

Edie Fraser
Women Business Collaborative

It is now time to accelerate addressing inequities everywhere. That means re-inventing our DEI operating models and integrating local cultures in order to make sustainable changes. This is the go-to book with no better author on the subject to help point the way.

Monica Loaiza
Board of Directors
American Express, Mexico

Rohini Anand is sui generis.  She has led the diversity efforts of an organization taking it to a place vastly different than the one she entered. Using her own experience in global inclusion, equity and diversity transformation, Rohini writes about the principles that can be a guide to a new generation that will carry the torch forward.  Her book is, above all, a story of hope that we are getting better at aligning our values with our actions.  

Mahzarin R. Banaji
Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics 
Harvard University

Some of the most thoughtful work can emerge from an author’s own journey of self-discovery. This book is no different. In it, Dr. Anand gives the reader an honest look into her experiences leading global DEI for over 30 years, which makes this book a must-have for all leaders wrestling with the complexities of change in the global context. 

Stephanie J. Creary
Assistant Professor of Management 
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Positively transforming the lives of people with disabilities is a global imperative. Dr. Anand demonstrates this commitment with mastery. At REIS, a Brazilian company coalition for the inclusion of people with disabilities, we celebrate this topic in a global book!

Ivone Santana
Executive Secretary REIS 
Rede Empresarial de Inclusão Social, Brazil

As an Italian global company, we will benefit tremendously from this book. The local insights shared by the author are really critical to our success as we facilitate culture change to make our workplaces more diverse, equitable and inclusive everywhere we operate.

Massimo Garavaglia
De Longhi Group 

Diverse companies with a clear purpose will be the ones that thrive - but racial diversity can be difficult to navigate. This book is one-of-a-kind in helping companies address racial diversity, including how to integrate refugees in your workforce. Leaders at every level in the organization will benefit from Rohini’s insights.

Hamdi Ulukaya
Founder and CEO
Chobani and Tent 

A must-have book for any leader committed to fostering an inclusive organization and leading with purpose and passion. Rohini Anand, with whom I had the privilege to work and from whom I learned so much, unpacks complex concepts and makes them accessible through stories and personal reflections told with humility. 

Michel Landel
Former CEO

As we all look inward to address issues of race and ethnicity this book could not be more timely. Dr. Anand speaks truth to power from a lived global experience. A must read for any organization seeking cultural change aimed at eliminating racial and ethnic discrimination.

Shireen L Dodson
Assistant Secretary-General
United Nations Ombudsman

Dr. Anand prepares leaders of global firms to undertake the DEI journey by sharing what she has learned, and how she has made sense of these lessons into a clear conceptual framework.

Junko Takagi
Leadership and Diversity Chair Professor 
ESSEC Business School, France

Our time is that of an ethical demand for equity and diversity. This book is the book for our time. 

Souleymane Bachir Diagne
Director of the Institute of African Studies
Columbia University

Inclusion, diversity and equity are critical to social cohesion, economic resilience, and the future of democracy. Dr. Anand’s book presents deep insights from multiple perspectives, critical to corporate and government leaders serious about steering today’s organizations. 

Muriel Penicaud
French Ambassador

Dr. Rohini Anand provides much- needed guidance for leaders seeking to make their organizations more diverse, equitable and inclusive. She draws on her extensive experience as a business leader and her personal journey in building a career as a women of color.  Her position as former Chair of the Catalyst Advisory Board also afforded her a broad perspective on industry best practices.

Lorraine Hariton
President & CEO

The contents and timing of this book could not have come at a better moment!  With Rohini’s understanding of the culture and our business world in LATAM, I am convinced of this book’s value for leaders in the region. Rohini Anand provides clear examples of what to do and not do in this daily challenging but fulfilling work of inclusion culture change.

Augusto Muench
President & CEO
Boehringer Ingelheim Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

As a non-profit addressing gender equity in Latin America, we know how critical it is to localize this work. Dr. Anand synthesizes insights from her global work to share well thought out insights for being attuned to local contexts in global culture change work. A much needed book!

Alejandra Sepulveda

The work of Dr. Anand (Leading Global Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) has shaped my work as an advocate and leader of DEI. It offered global content that I had not considered. Thank you, Dr. Derrick Gay for introducing me to her work. Changing the system truly does create more inclusion. Onward!

Phil Echols
Organizational Leadership and Diversity Specialist

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