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The Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Seminar

A Masterclass for Global DEI Leaders
with Dr. Rohini Anand

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Today’s DEI global leaders, like you, have a big mandate:
Deliver a global DEI strategy that achieves real results for the business, 

amplifies brand value, and advances DEI outcomes.

Do you grapple with some of these questions?

  • How do we elevate DEI to have strategic impact, rather than become a watered-down version of well-intentioned initiatives?

  • How do we advance needed change amidst the volatility of global and national economic and political movements, tensions, and crises?

  • How do we secure leadership backing in an environment of public backlash and a cancel-culture tripwire fueled by social media?


  • How do we articulate a global imperative for DEI and overcome objections like it’s “too American,” it’s just an effort to be politically correct, or no longer needed?

  • How do we balance what seems like a thousand competing interests and demands to really make a difference?

One thing is clear.

You have your work cut out for you.


But good news:
I'm pleased to announce

The Global
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

A Masterclass for Global DEI Leaders with Dr. Rohini Anand

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I’ve been right there in your shoes. I’ve faced similar challenges. I’ve had to chart a path into the unknown. And now, after a 30-year career refining and advancing the global practice of DEI, I’m focused on giving back.

I want to do my part to equip this current and next generation of global DEI leaders (you!) to rise to the inevitable (and unforeseen) challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Global DEI Seminar provides a unique, small-group setting where I can personally guide, mentor, and support you in taking your work to new heights.


You’ll leave the seminar with:

  • A global DEI strategy and practical workplan tailored to your organization and geographic locations. 

  • A flexible framework and systems approach to DEI change.

  • Keys to being a successful DEI leader and influencer, including skills for gaining buy-in from executive leadership, board members, community leaders, and stakeholders.

  • Increased clarity about how to advance a cohesive strategy that works globally, yet addresses the nuances of diverse local cultures, legal and social systems, and histories.


  • Techniques for measuring and demonstrating results.

  • Strengthened acumen in building a bridge between your vision and the realities of the business.

  • A built-in network of global professionals to support you and your work – because none of us can do it alone.

  • And more….


If ever I need someone to delve deeply into content in a presentation, I think of Rohini Anand, whom I trust will present not only thoughtfulness on the issue at hand but brings to it her ample reservoir of information gained from her own research and extensive executive experience.  She intertwines storytelling with the nuggets of wisdom that enliven whatever ideas she's sharing, and most important -- with attention to the specific audience before her.  No old recycled slide decks from Rohini, who is on top of current events that impact the global market in which she and the peers she addresses operate.  What you also get when she speaks is her authentic self, one who cares deeply about impacting positively people's journey to equity.

Irene Natividad
Global Summit of Women


What's Included

The Global DEI Seminar is a 7-month program that includes:

Six, live virtual sessions

These seminar sessions will be 2 or 3 hours. I’ll guide you in a focused topic and there will be small group work, guest experts, and discussion. See below for the topics and dates. 

Tailored Assignments + Projects

This seminar is not just about getting more information. It’s about grappling with the issues facing the field and doing the work. The assignments are designed to make the seminar concepts and skills come alive in your setting. 


Study Pod

You’ll be assigned to a study pod with two other participants. Between sessions, you’ll work together on assignments and projects. 


1:1 Strategy Session

All seminar participants receive an individual strategy session with me. We can dig into your global DEI strategy, a specific aspect of your approach,  or the challenges and opportunities you face to advance your DEI efforts.


Rohini has been impactful in my own growth as a fellow DEI practitioner, by providing consultative advice and guidance that comes from her deep experience leading large scale culture change in a global organization. She is able to leverage the experience to meet organizations where they are in their DEI journey and guide them accordingly.

Shuchi Sharma
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer 
Red Hat


The Details

To accommodate global time zones, classes will be held at:
7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT / 4pm
CET / 7:30pm or 8:30pm IST 

Here’s the schedul
e and topics we’ll be covering….



Building a Convincing Case for DEI Today

Monday, March 4
3 hours



Influencing Leaders & Leveraging Allies

Thursday, April 25
2 hours



Developing a Strategy in a Global Context

Thursday, May 23
2 hours



Embedding DEI into the Organization

Thursday, June 20
2 hours



Designing Metrics to Show Progress, Efficacy & Value

Thursday, July 18
2 hours



Presenting Organization-specific DEI Strategies

Thursday, September 12
3 hours

This will be followed by a one hour personal one-on-one strategy session with Rohini, included in the cost of the course worth $1,500

Be Part of The Global DEI Seminar


We’re pleased to offer tiered pricing to make it accessible to leaders in different contexts.


Early Bird pricing EXTENDED!

  • For profit organizations: $2,500

  • Not for profit organizations: $1,800

  • Small global south organizations*: $1,500

*Organizations based in Africa, Asia, Central or South America, that are neither multinational nor affiliated with a multinational organization


The class size will be limited to keep it small. If you’re interested, apply now. Applications close on February 12, 2024.


Every once in a while, you come across an individual who makes an indelible mark on your thinking – Dr. Anand is such a person. Having the honor to engage with Dr. Anand and benefit from her sound guidance and expertise is a remarkable experience.   Dr. Anand is a consummate knowledge broker and teacher.  Her coaching has made a meaningful difference for me as a DEI professional, working to build a strategic data driven approach within my ever- growing global institution. 

Karen B. Francis
Vice President, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer American Institutes for Research (AIR)®


This is an important moment for the global practice of DEI. There’s a lot at stake – and you’ve been called to lead these efforts in your organization. 

But you don’t have to do it alone. 

Get expert guidance from someone who’s made her mark finding innovative solutions and strategies that work in global organizations.  


I highly recommend Rohini for her deep understanding of global DEI, her ability to bridge cultural divides and create inclusive workplaces and her vast network of global partners. Personally, I have found her to be an incredible mentor and strategic advisor and importantly, a safe space to brainstorm bold ideas that drive change.

Carolina Romero
Global Director, Inclusion & Capability

  • I’m a DEI leader in an organization that is not global. Is this for me?
    The DEI Seminar is focused on the challenges of implementing DEI in a global organization and localizing your strategy. However many of the topics relate to single country DEI strategies as well. The localizing aspect of the course will be particularly useful for those who find that most resources are US-centric and not as relevant to their local context. DEI practitioners in single country organizations will also gain practical knowledge and experience. Please highlight your interest in global DEI work in the application.
  • Do you have to attend all the live sessions?
    This seminar format is designed around the live, in-session interaction. It features direct mentoring made possible through the small class size. In addition, each participant brings something to the live seminar experience. Your presence is important to the seminar success! That said, if you have a commitment that you cannot change, there will be a video recording you can view while the seminar is in session (7 months). However, if you know you’re not available for more than one seminar, it does not make sense to participate.
  • Who’s the ideal student for The DEI Seminar?
    The ideal student for The DEI Seminar is a leader in a global organization committed to advancing DEI. This may include: ✔ Global DEI leaders and their teams ✔ Newly appointed DEI practitioners ✔ Individuals responsible for DEI ✔ Individuals interested in becoming global DEI practitioners ✔ Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders ✔ DEI champions including DEI council members ✔ DEI consultants ✔ CEOs, COOs and Executive Leaders committed to DEI
  • What is the expected time commitment for The DEI Seminar?
    In addition to the two or three hours each month for the live seminar, plan for an additional approximately two hours each week (8 hours per month) for seminar reading, assignments, and projects. Keep in mind that the time you invest outside of the seminar will be towards practical efforts that will tangibly advance your DEI work in your organization.
  • What if I need to cancel after being accepted and enrolled in The DEI Seminar?
    Up until February 26, 2024, you may elect to transfer your enrollment to another staff member in your organization, should they qualify. Alternatively, you may receive a refund of 75% of the program cost. Given the small number of spaces in The Seminar, please be sure you’re able to commit to the program.
  • When will I hear if I’ve been selected to participate in The DEI Seminar?
    All applicants will receive an email notification of the status of their application by February 19, 2024.

Thank you for being a pacesetter and trailblazer in the Corporate world! You are truly a TITAN of the industry!!!

Ernest Adams
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer 
Ford Motor Company


Meet the team

meet the team

Dr. Rohini Anand is an admired Diversity and Inclusion leader who exemplifies strength, vision and determination. Her thought leadership, her wide network of deep industry relationships and her ability to influence leaders makes her a driving force behind new business opportunities and an asset a organizations as they launch or deepen their DEI strategies. 

Mia Mends
CEO, C&W Services
Cushman & Wakefield

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