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Progress in DEI has been painfully slow. We live in a time of growing awareness of the need for sustainable DEI progress. But as the Black Lives Matter and MeToo movements have grown, so have the examples of performative actions and statements – people speaking up to prove that they are “woke” rather than stepping up to take action for embedding systemic change.


Speaking up is easy, stepping up takes curiosity, it takes courage and it takes commitment. Ultimately, DEI is profoundly personal, it is profoundly structural and it is profoundly disruptive.


So, what do organizations need to do to unfreeze how they approach and operationalize DEI to dramatically change mindsets, behaviors and systems? We need the public and private sectors to fundamentally reset their approach to DEI. We must be bold and ambitious! Radical change is possible - and we have a burning social justice platform to raise the heat on it.

My monthly blog is  focused on a variety of topics ranging from stories illustrating the principles from my widely acclaimed book Leading Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: A Guide for Systemic Change in Multinational Organizations  - to current issues that impact DEI. 


By signing up to my newsletter you can receive these insights straight into your inbox. I look forward to sharing our DEI journeys together.

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WONDERFUL newsletter Rohini! It’s so informative, so detailed, so useful... I hope many people pay attention to what you have to say. It’s important!

Pascale Brady
Founder and President
The Challenge Coach

This is so packed with real-time usable insights and tips … ones which I will be sure to put to immediate use as I begin the fall semester teaching master’s students in my Creating Social Change in Organizations and Communities class, as well as with my various clients. 

Steven Rivelis
Rivelis and Associates

I love this newsletter and will share broadly.

Mia Mends
CEO C&W services
Cushman and Wakefield

This is so well written, informative and so inspiring! This is the first newsletter I have read from beginning to end twice! 

Pratima Rao
COO/CFO and Co-Founder

This message really hits to the core and is a fantastic and timely message.  I just forwarded this message onto our entire Office of Inclusion and HR teams within Dow…globally!  I so appreciate your global perspective…I appreciate you! 

Curtis Baker
Regional Inclusion & Diversity and EX Lead, Asia Pacific

As usual so valuable, thank you Rohini.

Anne Guslandi 
xpat Coaching Corner

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