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Dr. Rohini Anand at Aspen Institute
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Wharton Business School, Dec. 2019
Bloomberg Equality Conf., May 2018
Penn State University, Dec. 2017
Clinton Global Initiative, Sept 2014
OECD, March 2018
People Matters 3 22 2018 carousel
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Dr. Rohini Anand is a strategic global executive, trusted board member, senior consultant and advisor who has successfully transformed cultures and built an iconic brand with an enduring reputation resulting in core business growth. Her strategic thinking, ability to influence and coach senior leaders and depth of experience in global diversity and inclusion has benefited corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies across all sectors at various stages of their global diversity and inclusion transformation.



Widely considered as a leading expert and thought leader in global transformation and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Rohini Anand is a published author and has been featured in articles in CNBC, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and the Washington Post. Sodexo’s remarkable global culture change, led by Dr. Anand, is featured in a Harvard Business School case study entitled Shifting the Diversity Climate: the Sodexo Solution as well as profiled in several books on global diversity and inclusion.



Dr. Rohini Anand is recognized as a pioneer in global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and sought after as an expert by leaders around the world. She has presented to and consulted with hundreds of global companies and organizations from all sectors, and has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg and CNN Money as well on National Public Radio.



With expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion as well as corporate responsibility, global business experience, cultural dexterity and the ability to influence leaders, Dr. Rohini Anand brings a unique perspective on the critical alignment of the business culture and the triple bottom line to drive exceptional performance.

Rohini Anand