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Writing with Pen
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Thank you so much for agreeing to be an Ambassador and participating in the launch of my book, Leading Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Your support means so much.

The deadline for submitting your mailing address has now passed but you can still pre-order the book here.


Please share your thoughts on the book through an Amazon review. I look forward to reading your review and your perspective on the book and the 5 principles.

As an ambassador, it would also be fantastic if you could join the launch party on December 6th at 10am EST and encourage those in your network, who may be interested in the book to join me at the launch party. Please let me know you are coming by adding your name to the guest list here.


There is a launch party graphic as well as pre-drafted tweets, posts and other visuals in this Google Drive folder; please feel free to use any of the content in the folder to further promote the book.


I am grateful for your support. This book is possible because of you. Thank you for being an ambassador for this book.


And thank you for all you do to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

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