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How can multinational companies engage in global culture change to make their organizations more diverse, equitable and inclusive?


My upcoming book, Leading Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: A Guide for Systemic Change in Multinational Organizations offers five proven principles for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations and addressing social justice in society with a nuanced understanding of local contexts.

  1. Make it Local: Advancing a global strategy that supports local variation

  2. Transformative leadership: Undergoing personal transformation to lead inclusively

  3. Competitive advantage: Articulating the impetus for changing the culture

  4. Integrated strategy: Engaging the interdependencies in the ecosystem

  5. Metrics and accountability: Establishing clear outcomes and holding leaders accountable for them


The book is a leader’s guide for how to go about the hard, but fruitful work of change on a global scale.

I show through stories of leaders and their organizations, how to find the sturdy middle ground of honoring local cultures while advancing lasting, progressive change and advancing social justice in a global context.


The result is a practical narrative for successfully leading global diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The book will be published by Barrett Koehler and distributed by Penguin Random House and is ready for pre-ordering.